Monday, June 7, 2010

another great update from trainer!

This is a message from Lori, who is with the rescue that is working to find Chapel her forever home:

I received a call today from our trainer Karlene and here is the update on Chapel.
She is doing very well and they are going to start training this week. She was being let out to exercise with a 25 ft leash attached but now they don't need it as she comes to the door when the gang is called in from exercise.
She is doing well with eating - although when dogs walk by her crate there is a bit of barrier aggression - not bad but it exists.
One night Karlene had her out and wandering the house and Karlene fell asleep on the couch. When she awoke she found 3 pairs of shoes and a bunch of stuff toys piled high in her crate. She also found a huge pile of doggie do do.
She is very sweet and has stopped going under the coffee table when she is loose in the house.
She is doing well and Karlene finds her to be a very sweet dog and very much under one year of age. Lot's of puppy left in her.
Karlene feels she has had enough time to get use to her new life and will start taking her to obedience classes all week long.
Different handlers of Karlene's staff will be taking her through the classes Karlene teaches.


  1. The folks on Pepperdine can attest to the puppy in her and the stash discipline. Often when I would walk Brie at 6am, we would find shoes, newspapers, bowls and other items in a small area on the edge of the common area. The last morning she was free, I threw a shoe to her and she ran after it, tossed it in the air, ran in circles, then grabbed someone's newpaper and ran into the woods. That's when I knew she must be still quite a puppy. Glad to hear she is responding well. I think she is going to make a fine dog for someone. Keep up with the updates. They are most appreciated. I volunteered to help with transport. Still waiting for Jean to call back but am available if needed.

  2. Leigh Ann: that is great that you volunteered to help with transport! I'll remind Jean via email in case she didn't get the message :-)

  3. Thanks for these updates on "our" girl Chapel!