Monday, June 14, 2010

another update

Hi All,
Debby and Rick went over to Karlene's on Thursday evening and got the chance to see and be with Chapel. She is well and getting into the life at Karlene's. As I mentioned in my earlier email, she no longer needs the long leash attached to her. Karlene mentioned to the Duffy's people that when she is called from outside and comes in the door its important not to directly look her in the eye.
Debby and Rick did find out that Chapel is fine and happy until you have eye contact with her. Debby said she walked her around the property on a leash but was careful not to give the eye contact. She walked well on the leash and appeared not at all phased by the leash walk. She likes Karlene and gives Karlene love.
Its going to take a while to get this dog in mental harmony but as you know obedience lessons builds confidence.
Duffy's Friends, Inc.

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