Friday, May 28, 2010

update from Chapel's trainer

update from Trainer - Karlene
Karlene and her assistant were able to handle Chapel this morning... she was wide eyed but calmed down fairly soon. They are not going to do anything pressing for about a week. They want her to merge into the life at Karlene's. She will be resting in her crate and going out to exercise with a group of dogs that match her personality.
Karlene also mentioned that she has seen this before. There was a truck driver that was never home and had huskies. He allowed them to populate and when he gave them the boot, most were un-socialized and had never been touched. She was able to bring the Husky's around and have a happy ending. She said Chapel of course is not wild but apparently has not been handled by humans too much. This is not shocking news to the girls in Baltimore I am sure.
She still has not gone to the bathroom but they are going to work on that this morning.
She will call in a few days but the weekend is pointed to relaxing and getting to know her safe contained environment.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Chapel is at the trainers

Chapel made it to upstate NY and is now with the trainer. She slept through the whole trip. Here's one more picture of her that shows her beautiful eyes:

pictures of Chapel's last day in Baltimore

Pictures of Chapel's last day in the Baltimore area (newest on top, not sure why it puts them that way when downloading them!). Complete with a bath. Her temporary foster home absolutely adores her already, and is sad to let her go. Someone will get a very special family member when they adopt Chapel. Her foster home reports that she has an awesome personality and her eyes are so very alive! She's such a great girl!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

More pics of our girl

Here's some more pics of Miss Chapel in her temporary foster home. Her temporary foster mom reports that Miss Chapel has become spoiled with all the yummy food the wonderful people on Pepperdine Court fed her (we had some amazing people helping us out, feeding her and bringing their dogs around the traps in order to get her more comfortable). Chapel's foster mom also reports that Chapel has come out more and more, but won't go outside. She decided under the card table (which you will see in some pictures) was enough cover to take a nap. Look at our beautiful girl:

Chapel still looking for a home--the rest of her journey

Chapel's journey is not complete yet. She will finish her trip to upstate NY to rescue! From there, she will spend some time with a trainer to work on her socialization (for her shyness and fear!) After that, she will go into a foster home. Chapel is still looking for her forever home, and her journey won't be totally complete until she finds herself as a pampered princess with a loving family!

Have a safe journey, Chapel!!!

P.S. the date for her travel to upstate NY is Thursday, May 27!

pictures of Chapel's capture (newest to oldest)

Here are pics of Chapel's capture. She was caught in a pen that was rigged to spring. She wouldn't go into a humane trap or an enclosure trap. She was pretty scared during the whole process, but her healing can now begin!

She is safe and sound

She is safe and sound at a volunteer's house! She is scared, but safe. More to come, including pictures when I get them!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

We got her!!

Just received word that we were able to trap Chapel. One of our tireless volunteers is on the way to pick her up. When I have more information, I will post! Cross your fingers that she's safely retrieved and comfortable in a home soon!!

What a playful girl

We have been receiving numerous reports of our girl stealing items and taking them to her "special place" to play with them and chew on them. She also solicits local dogs to play. She is surely a playful one, let's get her into a home where she can have all the toys she wants!

Friday, May 21, 2010

lots of action

Miss Chapel is keeping us all on our toes. She is in and out of various streets and wooded areas that we get sighting calls from. She is still playing hard to get, but we are confident we will bring our girl to safety!

If you don't see new posts for a few days, don't fret, check the sightings on the right hand side, that is continuously updated.

Thanks, everyone for your help and support! Want to help but can't get out to hang flyers or help out? Consider donating, see the widget on the right hand side of the page!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

sightings today

Sightings so far today:

5/18/10: 8 AM: sighting on corner of campus and Collegiate Dr. 9:00 AM: CCBC baseball field 9:50 AM: sighting on Ivy League 11:00 AM: Sighting between CCBC baseball diamond and Ivy League

Monday, May 17, 2010

sightings and REMINDER

First, please remember DO NOT CHASE CHAPEL! This will cause her to move to a new area and we could then lose track of her! PLEASE do not chase, this is very very important.

That being said, she was seen around 11:13 AM and 12:00 PM today, May 17, still on Pepperdine.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

another sighting already this morning

6:40 AM our girl was back on Pepperdine Circle. She seems to realize that there are lots of nice people over there and she feels safe there!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

numerous sightings throughout the day

Chapel seems to enjoy Pepperdine Circle, she has spent most of the day there, with numerous sightings reported throughout the day from the area.

Some callers have mentioned that she's dirty, wet, and looking tired, so we NEED to bring our girl home to a nice, dry bed!

Chapel weathered the storms

We were a bit worried about our girl last night with the storms, but she was out and about on Pepperdine Circle again at 7 AM! So glad she made it through the storms and is now hungry!!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

todays sightings and flyering help

Chapel really seems to be enjoying herself and evading us! She surely is having fun. We, of course, are not finding it as amusing as she is, we are worried about her! It's a busy area she's in.

We always need people to help flyer. If you can help, please post a response to this message and we will get you information on flyering!

Summary of today's sightings:

5/13/10: 7:00 AM: sighting on Pepperdine Court. 10:35 AM: sighting on Pepperdine Court. 6:48 PM: sighting on Ivy League

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

another Chapel sighting today

Today, May 12, at 6:50 PM there was a sighting near the baseball field on CCBC Catonsville campus.

sighting today

Today, May 12, 7:05 AM, a sighting was called in that puts Chapel at the Pepperdine Circle "common area", near Ivy League & college race track.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

another sighting today

7:35 PM: near cluster of trees/ bushes where Collegiate meets Campus Dr loop.

New sighting near the campus!

Corner of Collegiate and Ivy League at 1:15pm. She was just standing there near the campus.

Monday, May 10, 2010

new Chapel sighting today

May 10 at 10:40 AM Chapel was seen on Granary Ct. She was walking toward the main road of Old Granary Court.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Another Mother's Day sighting

Miss Chapel was finished frolicking on Cistern Ct. and headed back to Old Granary Ct, where she's been seen the last few days on and off! She was spotted on Old Granary Ct. around 6 PM.

another sighting today

Chapel is out and about, celebrating Mother's Day! We had another sighting called in at 12:30 PM today, she was seen enjoying herself on Cistern Ct. again.

Chapel sighting today

Today, May 9 at 9:30am, she was seen in someone’s backyard on Cistern Ct.

Friday, May 7, 2010

More Chapel sightings today

Chapel was sighted, around 2:40 PM on Vineyard Hill Road and around 2:50 PM, hanging out on Old Granary Court.

She was also seen around 6 PM on Vineyard Hill Road

Thursday, May 6, 2010

ANOTHER sighting today!

Our girl is certainly out and about. At 4:38pm, today, Thursday, May 6, she was seen on Vineyard Hill Rd.

another new sighting today

We received another sighting call today (Thursday, May 6) at 1:50 PM that puts Chapel on Old Granary Court.

sighting today at 8:50 AM

We received another sighting call today at 8:50 AM. Chapel was seen on Vineyard Hill Road.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

new sighting today

We received a call today, May 5, around 1 PM that she was seen on Foxhall Manor Court. That sighting was verified by our tracker.

Remember: if you see her, DO NOT CHASE, call us immediately. Do not even approach her.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010


The sightings from this morning (Tuesday, May 4) at Foxhall Manor Ct. were confirmed by our scent dogs. This is great news!!! Now let's bring her home!

another sighting this morning (May 4)

At 6:30 AM today, May 4, we received a call for a sighting at the 5900 block of Foxhall Manor Ct. At 6:50 AM, while verifying the sighting, one of our volunteers saw Chapel in a backyard at the 5900 block of Foxhall Manor Ct. Chapel ran into the woods when she heard someone calling her name.

Keep calling in those sightings so we can catch our girl!

Monday, May 3, 2010

another sighting from yesterday

We just received a call that our girl was potentially seen in a backyard on the 1000 block of Vineyard sometime yesterday, May 2. Time undetermined.

Possible Sighting 8 AM today

Today, Monday, May 3 we received a sighting call that Chapel was seen at 8 AM behind a townhouse on Old Granary Court in Catonsville, she took off into the woods. This is near the CCBC campus, and an area that had a strong hit from the pet trackers, so we are fairly sure this is our girl!

Possible sighting yesterday!

We received an email of a possible sighting on Sunday, May 2 on Frederick Road. There was a dog walking down Frederick Road, near the Old Candy Shop and Montrose Manor Apartments. Time undetermined right now.

Need Volunteers to Post Flyers!!

Chapel originally went missing at CCBC-Catonsville Campus, but may have moved from the area. If you are available to help post flyers in neigboring streets, we could use additional assistance!

If you can help please post a comment and we will get you information!

Chapel Search Team

Search update

Yesterday we had our lost pet trackers out who followed Chapel's scent into the woods. As a result we have set some traps up and heavily flyered the areas. If you see her PLEASE call the numbers on the flier immediately, do not try to chase her. Thanks to all the volunteers who helped flier!

Chapel's flier

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Missing Rescue in Catonsville, MD

Chapel escaped from transport at the Community College in Catonsville, MD on Saturday, May 1 @ 7pm. She was last seen heading into the woods at the College.

Volunteers needed to help with Chapel's safe return!