Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Chapel still looking for a home--the rest of her journey

Chapel's journey is not complete yet. She will finish her trip to upstate NY to rescue! From there, she will spend some time with a trainer to work on her socialization (for her shyness and fear!) After that, she will go into a foster home. Chapel is still looking for her forever home, and her journey won't be totally complete until she finds herself as a pampered princess with a loving family!

Have a safe journey, Chapel!!!

P.S. the date for her travel to upstate NY is Thursday, May 27!


  1. Oh the stories she'll have to share!

    Thanks so much for sharing and caring!

    She's so earned a great furever home of her own!

  2. It is so wonderful that she is safe and hopefully on her way to a new home. Have to admit that
    I feel sad that we couldn't find her a home on Pepperdine Circle where she touched the hearts of so many of us. Thanks to the many rescue volunteers who worked so hard to find her. You are ALL amazing. Please DO keep us posted on Chapel's new journey.