Wednesday, May 26, 2010

pictures of Chapel's capture (newest to oldest)

Here are pics of Chapel's capture. She was caught in a pen that was rigged to spring. She wouldn't go into a humane trap or an enclosure trap. She was pretty scared during the whole process, but her healing can now begin!


  1. Thank you! We are very excited!

  2. NOW I can believe it!

    Thanks you to everyone that didn't give up on her!

    She had already been let down in her young life but now the REAL fun will start for her!

  3. We had some amazingly tireless "on the ground" volunteers (and others, like myself, that volunteered from afar). It has been an incredible journey. And, I promise you, this girl had FUN on the it's time for her to have even more fun in a home! Can't wait for her to learn that people are givers of love, treats, food, toys.... She's such a special girl. Though I personally haven't met her in person, I still love her!