Tuesday, July 6, 2010

cross your fingers for Chapel: an update

Here's an update from the rescue that has Chapel:

Karlene called this morning and she may have found a home for Chapel. Cross your fingers on this one. Chapel has been doing well in her training - but will take years to become a well socialized dog. Karlene told me last week that she would have 4 good days and then all of a sudden for no reason take a step back. I did not email this update as I knew she had a long road and this was to be expected.
Karlene provided board to a "clients" dog over the long holiday weekend. Apparently this dog bonded to Chapel and she to him. What is amazing is that they were looking to adopt another dog but their dog is picky in who his doggy friends are. The dogs got a long very well and the owners were very happy to learn that Chapel was up for adoption and like their dog very much.
The strategy is for them to come to Karlene's facility for 4-5 visits and get to know Chapel. Chapel will hopefully like them. If all goes well then she will go into a foster to adopt program at their house. If we are fortunate to have this work - I know these new owners will continue with training with Karlene.
Cross your fingers and say a prayer...
Duffy's Friends, Inc.


  1. Pawesome news!

    It is always encouraging when the dog makes the choice for a sibling!

    Thanks for the update!

  2. So good to hear things are progressing. Hoping and praying this is a great fit for a really great dog!