Monday, July 26, 2010

Another new update--she's doing well!

Another update from the rescue who has her:

Saw Chapel yesterday and she is doing well. She is getting to know the new potential foster to adopt couple. They have a dog that is iffy with other dogs but loves Chapel. Karlene said that she might leave within 7 days or so. I bought a tag for her collar so she has identification.
I hope this works... it sounds like a nice couple that don't mind dogs that are not perfect.
Her legs are longer so she must have lost weight with all the running she has been doing in Karlene's fenced area - she loves her doggie pack and was barking up a storm as I approached the fenced in exercise area under many shade tree's. Karlene's property is fringed with large creeks and a beautiful setting for the dogs. The area is almost 1/4 acre fenced so she runs and plays all day.
Karlene said she is doing well in basic obedience - and school buses and busy stuff does not bother her any more.

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  1. Great news again!

    I had just been thinking about her yesterday!