Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Chapel's being adopted

This came from a representative of the rescue Chapel is with:

I would like to get some good news out. Chapel is being adopted by our trainers clients - They have a dog name Gino who does not like other dogs but loves Chapel. She will continue to go to obedience school to gain her confidence. Last weekend she went with her new Mom to the 1000 Island (north of Rochester NY) to visit with family and friends. She rides very good in the car and the trip went without problems.
Gino stayed home with the husband and showed signs of depression that she was not there. They made a decision to adopt her and have advised us they would like to move forward.
Chapel appears to be doing better each day. They try to mix it up by walking her in the woods, the block and the cemetery. They said last night the two dogs were laying back to back.
This is a happy ending. .. The road has been long and we could not have had this great ending without the people in Baltimore that helped us for a month get her back to safety and Duffys rescue program.
I can't thank you enough - and know that along the way we will meet again....
On behalf of Duffy's we all thank you for all that you did.

1 comment:

  1. How freakin' awesome!

    I just read the post to my mom whilst leaking happy tears for ALL!

    I know I'll never forget Chapel's time on the run -

    As a transporter myself, it has certainly turned up my already on high alert care during my time with the passengers I've been entrusted with!

    Happy Tails To All!